Jewellery Organizer

This Jewellery Organizer is especially designed for those who love & appreciate jewellery. It is made up of velvet, recycled leather & felt. It can be used to store all kinds of jewellery be it dainty chains, bulky necklaces, delicate bracelets, earrings of all shapes & sizes, finger rings and more.

This product is a stack of 3 sections and each section is made up of different number of compartments – 3, 4 & 9 (as shown in the images). You are free to stack them in the order you like. It comes with a single acrylic lid that goes on top of the section placed right at the top. The organizer is light-weight and can be easily moved around the house.

*Please note that since these products are handmade & made by artisans with utmost care and love, they’re bound to contain some imperfections. Slight variations in finish is expected and celebrated.


Jewellery Organizer


Dimensions: 7.5(l)x7.5(w)x5(h) in, Depth of each compartment is 1.5 in.

**Dispatch will take place 7 days after an order is placed.


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