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Led by Rohini Rajagopalan, a certified professional organiser, Organise With Ease is India’s leading organising and declutter service. We work with spaces ranging from wardrobes to offices to create ease and remove clutter.

The idea came about when the phrase “Where’s the space” often cropped up during most conversations with friends and family. Rohini, who leads a minimalistic lifestyle, realized how many people needed help to create some semblance of organisation in their homes.

Today, in a short span of time Rohini and the team have worked on over 100 plus spaces and helped transform them. By creating an organised space they have given home owners the luxury of an open and clutter free environment. With offices, by introducing systems the team has been able to instil disciple and order in the work environment.

Most importantly, the high point has been creating spaces that are easy to maintain and systems that work well even in the long run.


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