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Kitchens are special – especially in India! One will find a variety of food items and no kitchen will be the same as there are so many different cultures, religions and each of them cooks differently using all kinds of spices and condiments. We’re always thrilled to be working & organizing a kitchen as we truly feel it’s important that having a well-organized kitchen is absolutely necessary for the well-being & peace of mind of the entire family!

So today we’re taking you through one of the kitchens we recently organized.

  • Our journey began with carefully unboxing all kitchen items (our client was moving into their new home).
  • Next, we categorized all items based on type – appliances, crockery, cutlery, snacks, spices, grains, pulses, flour, spreads, sauces, baking products, tea/coffee, backstock, etc.
  • After categorizing, we went through the space with our client and decided what category goes where based on ease, how often something is used and the convenience of finding everything quickly and easily not just by the person who cooks regularly but also the entire family – like the occasional baking or picking out a snack or making tea/coffee.
  • Then, we started placing everything neatly in their respective places. We ensured that each and every item gets a home so that the counter space is empty when the kitchen is not being used. We used bins in cabinets with depth but no drawers as it’s easy to pull out and put back.
  • We made sure that no cabinet or drawer is stuffed with things. Everything is clearly visible. And finally, we labeled the jars and bins which makes it easy to locate items.

It was a delight working on this kitchen. We were able to get the kitchen up and running in a matter of a few hours ensuring that the client or their family didn’t have to go too long without food or even tea/coffee!

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