Toy Storage Pouches - Set of 3

Available on Pre-order basis.

Zipper mesh pouches are great for storage especially for a kid’s space. Items like Lego, puzzles, flash cards, etc. have several smaller elements that can easily get misplaced or mix with other items. Assigning and storing them in see-through pouches ensures they are all together and clearly visible.

The pouches are of standard size, water-resistant and available in a set of 3. The best part is they’re portable. They can be easily carried around the house or to a garden or even for a play date.

Apart from kids’ items, these pouches can also be use for storing important documents, toiletries, makeup products and so much more.

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Toy Storage Pouches - Set of 3

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Available on Pre-order basis.

Dimensions:  Small – 11.5×8.25 inches; Medium – 13×9.25 inches; Large – 15×11.5 inches

*Our products are handcrafted by artisans with utmost care and love. Due to handcrafting and hand finishing, slight variations in finish is expected and celebrated.

**Dispatch will take place 20 days after the order is placed.


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